What Do You Do When Somebody Dies At Home

By: Chedonna M. Trimble-Holston

Life is a beautiful but fragile gift from God. We should all live it carefully, happily, healthy, debt free and stress free.

Never take anything for granted; always be grateful for every blessing.

Practice the “golden rule” too by treating people as you want to be treated.

Respect others even if you don’t agree with their perspective.

Regardless, always honor your parents and elders. Why? Because it’s the God thing to do.

The Late Donald Trimble

My Uncle (late Donald Trimble) took great pride in serving the community. He insisted we give exceptional service to all clients no matter their belief, creed, race or religion. As CEO of the firm I commit to the same level of impeccable service to everybody that selects Donald Trimble Mortuary for service.

My blog won’t be just about the funeral business. I’ll be blogging periodically on subjects from A-Z. I’m looking forward to sharing business advice, parental advice (I have two sons) and how to cope in a society that often makes it difficult for a businesswoman to maneuver.  I especially look forward though to sharing my knowledge about the funeral industry. Hopefully, my insight will help you when arranging services from beginning to completion.

What to Do

Have you ever wondered what do you do if someone dies at home? Most people have no idea what to do. Let me explain. Contrary to what most assume you DO NOT call the funeral home initially when some dies at home.

Step one: If they’re NOT in hospice care call 9-1-1.

Step two: While waiting for the paramedics to arrive…pray; stay as calm as possible. Others around you may need your steady emotional; mental strength.

Step three:  Locate the “do not resuscitate” document if one exists. Without one paramedics will generally start emergency procedures to revive the person.

Step four: If paramedics are not successful reviving the individual they’ll then take the person to the hospital emergency room for a Physician to make the declaration.

Confronting someone’s death anywhere can be overwhelming; especially if it’s unexpected. Remember your emotional stability is important especially if there are young children involved.

I realize this is tough subject however, hopefully my insight will help you navigate the process when some dies at home.


About the author:  Chedonna M. Trimble-Holston is CEO of Donald Trimble Mortuary, Inc. in Decatur, Georgia.  She manages the entire operation of the mortuary.  This includes but is not limited to training the funeral directors, implementation of FTC rules, OSHA regulations and operational guidelines, pricing of merchandise and services.

She received her diploma in Funeral Service from Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service, Decatur, GA in 1994.  Chedonna received an Associates of Science Degree in Business from Georgia Perimeter College, Decatur, GA in 1998.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Chedonna is married to H. Bernard Holston, Sr. and the proud mother of two sons, Brenan and Brelan.